This wiki is no longer updated or maintained.

Getting ready for summer

Welcome to the iPad resource wiki. This is a collaborative work that is always in progress. :)
Thank you to all staff for completing the Tech trainings. Our hope is that you found these activities useful, taking
a little of the nervousness of using technologies like iPads and Chromebooks with the students you work with.

As the 2013-2014 year ends we are celebrating the continued integration of iPads at the elementary and middle school levels and a successful roll out with the Chromebooks at the high school level. We have recently updated several pages on this wiki that will support your use of iPad apps and Chromebook extentions over the summer, during lesson planning and into next year. Technology continues to change and improve so we are continuing to update activities and training materials throughout the year. We encourage you to come back soon for more learning opportunities and information about Chromebooks and iPads is our district.

Capturing Your Projects
We are extremely interested in seeing what you are doing with our current technology tools. If you have a project, idea or suggestions for use please let Marciao or Dawn Wiseman know so we can capture the action and share with others here at school.

Happy Learning!

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